Core HR

Centralize all master data in one system and let MindKey be the core and starting point for accurate and updated master data.

Effective HR management for the modern work environment

Streamline your HR administration processes from hiring to termination, all within one integrated system, while complying with GDPR regulations.

HR Masterdata

Continuous high quality of HR master data effectively reduces the information gap within your company, while ensuring flawless, efficient workflows and HR processes.

Datadriven insights

Adapt to organizational changes, act based on data-driven insights, and navigate smoothly in a constantly evolving job market.

Supports all types of employment

MindKey supports all types of employment: full-time, hourly, temporary, freelancers, and contract workers.

Graphic showing the organization and employee administration page of Mindkey. The main features highlighted include "Position Specifications," which allows users to define and edit job roles, and "Employee Search and Administration," which enables searching, viewing, and managing employee profiles.

Key features

Organizational structure, roles, and positions

Hire, move, terminate, and rehire

Employee data

CV management

Equipment and employee benefits

Salary, bonuses, stock options

Document management