Employee requisitions

Our adaptable solution ensures smooth and scalable management of recruitment, staff rotation, and departures.

The graphic illustrates the requisition page of Mindkey. The main features highlighted include requisition templates

Streamline HR processes and enhance security

Reduce manual tasks and enhance data security.

Create templates for recruitment, staff rotation, departures, and rehiring tailored precisely to your needs and requirements.

Maximise flexibility in setup with relevant master data, position details, and questions to be answered and enriched in the system, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Involve managers in gathering required information

Minimise manual effort by allowing managers to complete requisitions, subsequently approved by HR.

Engage hiring managers using customised request templates to avoid duplication.

Enhance requests with all necessary information for use in employment contracts.

Scale your digitisation efforts with customised requests

Easily integrate with existing systems and update third-party platforms.

Update third-party platforms such as AD, payroll, and timekeeping with all master data.

Submit requests for recruitment, staff changes, departures, contract amendments, or equipment orders directly within the system.

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