Enhance your workplace with absence management excellence

MindKey absence management centralizes all your absence management needs, providing a holistic view of your workforce. Automate and streamline absence policies with enhanced visibility and user-friendly self-service.

Showing a woman using her computer and The mindkey platform, where she is able to edit, upload and see documents.

Efficient absence administration with flexibility and automation

Highly flexible and configurable

Manage accrual policies and limits

Set rules for carryover allowances

Configure holiday period schedules

Streamlined leave approval process

Support for adjustments, transfers, and payouts

Work calendars with national holidays

Prepared for seamlessly integration to payroll applications

The image illustrates an information card displaying different key information about employee absence.

Excellent overview of employee absences and holiday balances

MindKey automates vacation calculations, providing instant visibility into taken and remaining days for all employees.

Empower managers to efficiently plan, secure balances, and ensure compliance with company rules for smoother workforce management.

Experience intuitive calendar views that effortlessly display historical absence records, upcoming schedules, and holiday periods.

Stay proactively informed with precious insights from absence reporting and analytics

Efficiently track and report employee absences, providing a clear and accurate overview of time-off trends within your organization."

Proactively enhance employee well-being by addressing concerns related to absences and work-life balance."

Leverage advanced analytics to make data-driven decisions that foster a more balanced and productive workforce

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