360 degree feedback

An action-oriented tool designed to identify and evaluate each manager’s individual strengths and development opportunities.

Tailored survey design and smart planning functionality

Craft customized 360-degree feedback surveys.

Plan your survey based on recommendations for respondents and their roles within the organizational and reporting structures.

Support the process with email invitations and reminders.

Effortless provision of 360-degree Feedback

Easily gather diverse feedback from peers, managers, and direct reports, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of individual strengths and areas for development.

Foster self-awareness and collaboration within your team by leveraging peer feedback.

Provide employees with a holistic perspective on their work style, reliability, and growth opportunities, thereby nurturing a supportive and growth-oriented environment.

Reporting of feedback and benchmarking

Utilize specially designed reports to analyze self-evaluation in comparison to the respondent pool.

Benchmark individual leaders' strengths and weaknesses.

Report on detailed comments for further insight.

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