Measure, track, and improve employee engagement

Create a culture of listening, feedback, and continuous improvement by conducting employee surveys.

Enhance survey design with MindKey's inclusive and versatile tools

Create surveys that respect diversity and are easily accessible to all employees.

Craft tailored surveys featuring free text and multiple-choice questions, comment sections, instructions, and personalized layouts to suit your needs.

Adapt survey designs effortlessly for various objectives, be it frequent pulse surveys, evaluating employee/job satisfaction, assessing the work environment, or any other specific goal.

Understand what motivates and engages your employees

Effective planning and selection of respondents with in-depth search capabilities.

Get the overview of survey status, including response rates, completion percentages, and other relevant metrics.

Measure and improve the engagement drivers that matter most to build a great company culture.

Reports and analysis

Generate comprehensive reports with MindKey's reporting capabilities, making it easy to share survey insights with stakeholders.

Analyze review data with smart report capabilities.

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