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Enhance the hiring and inclusion of new employees with an intelligent and flexible pre- and onboarding process.

Image displaying a visual representation of Mindkey system onboarding module

Customizable onboarding workflows

Create and tailor onboarding processes to match your organization's specific requirements, job roles, and locations.

By using checklist templates to create a step-by-step action plan, you can ensure that notifications, work tasks, and staff engagement are well-coordinated throughout the onboarding process.

Engage managers, IT professionals, and training coordinators, along with other team members with specific responsibilities, to enhance new employee onboarding while strengthening connections.

Stay inspired of the stories of our valued customers

Lisbeth from North Media comments on how their HR department makes use of contract templates as an effective tool in the onboarding process.

This image illustrates onboarding task tools in the mindkey system. Where users can reject or accept tasks in relation to an onboarding process.

Enhance engagement

Create a positive first impression with new employees through personalized, interactive preboarding and onboarding that welcomes and sets the stage for their success in your organization.

Empower new employees to take an active role in their onboarding journey with a robust self-service solution.

Allow employees to contribute to a smooth and legally compliant onboarding process by reviewing documents such as company policies, data protection regulations, and the company handbook.

Employee requisitions are the key to a robust onboarding process

Involve the hiring manager with customized requisition templates.

Enrich requisitions with all necessary information for employment contracts.

Enhance third-party systems such as AD, payroll, time tracking, with complete master data and eliminate redundant registrations.

This image is an informative graphic describing the process of requisition

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