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Our commitment for HR converges with cutting-edge technology and insightful consulting. Discover how our tech-driven solutions and consulting expertise evolve the HR experience, staying ahead of the curve.

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Unlock the potential of your workforce with MindKey – a modern, reliable HR platform delivering an unparalleled employee experience. Backed by industry expertise, we're dedicated to ensuring your workforce thrives with streamlined efficiency and dependable excellence.

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Our modern solutions optimize processes, elevate productivity, and foster employee development, meeting the highest standards of the evolving business landscape.

MindKey’s environmental policy

Environmental sustainability is integral to our business, and our policy reflects our commitment to accountability and continuous improvement at all levels.

Crafted in partnerships with our users

At MindKey, collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We work closely with our users, involving them at various stages to finely tune our solutions and leverage expert insights, ensuring the best solution.

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Established in 1998, MindKey evolved from an OEM supplier to Microsoft in the HR field.
The MindKey HR solution, introduced in 2012, has become a leading HR solution provider in Denmark.

A timeline graphic describing the history of Mindkey: 1998: Established by Bo, John, Henrik og Søren   2005-2012: OEM supplier to Microsoft within the HR field   2012: The MindKey HR solution introduces to the market as an on-premise solution   2019-2023: Tech migration to SaaS and cloud model   2024-: MindKey 2024: Pioneering Future-Proof HR Solutions

We envision a future where organizations seamlessly embrace technological advancements, leading the way in innovation and efficiency through our HR solutions.

Simplicity and agility at scale

Our comprehensive HR platform integrates talent, performance, and workforce management in one place, fostering adaptability and thriving people and businesses.

Drive Sustainable ROI

Minimize risks with MindKey, lowering costs and adapting seamlessly to the automated future.

Empower Your People

Create personalized and delightful experiences for your employees, automate tasks, and free up time for strategic initiatives.

Become a strategic HR partner

Implement our professional tool gradually to strengthen service levels and elevate the HR function as a strategic partner.

Get real-time insights

MindKey, with its trusted, proven, and singular data model, surfaces key insights for informed decision-making.

What our customers say

Gain insight into how our customers use and interact with Mindkey in their daily work.

Det Nordjyske Mediehus

Det Nordjyske Mediehus has professionalized the recruitment process with Mindkey

CS WIND Offshore

Effective HR management with MindKey at CS WIND offshore

Berlingske Media

Self-service, efficiency and integration at Berlingske Media


Tusass professionalizes HR and streamlines recruitment process with MindKey

Per Aarsleff

Per Aarsleff keeps track of employee master data with MindKey


Effective recruitment and optimised processes at 3F

FK Distribution

Streamlining HR processes and onboarding at FK Distribution with MindKey


Visiopharm champions HR with MindKey

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