Visiopharm champions HR with MindKey

Established in 2002, Visiopharm operates globally with over 750 customer accounts in 40+ countries. Vi er en premier provider av AI-powered pathology-software til forskning og diagnostisk. In research, they offer advanced tools for accurate data collection in tissue-based research.

At Visiopharm, the key to a modern and efficient HR system is found in MindKey. We've sat down with Annette from Visiopharm to delve into how MindKey has shaped their HR landscape.

Transition from paper to digital efficiency

Annette lays out and talks about the importance of choosing a system that is not too complex, easy to access and that suits the individual's needs. “When we started our journey with MindKey, the starting point was pretty clear: we wanted a system that could support a fast-growing company without being too complicated. We didn't have an HR system, so everything was in paper-format archives.” This was far from ideal for a company with ambitions for growth, so Annette was tasked with finding an HR system that could not only handle basic HR tasks, but also speak to Visiopharm's other systems while ensuring GDPR.

Ease of use as a cornerstone

“A crucial criterion for choosing MindKey was accessibility and ease of use. It's easy to go to for everyone in the organization. No one wants to spend time on unnecessary complexity, especially not in an HR department where the focus should be on employees and not on navigating an over-complex system”

Annette Zwicki Blicher

Annette Zwicki Blicher

HR, Compensation & Benefit Specialist

From archives to digital integration

Visiopharm has now switched from the analog and paper-heavy register to a digital system using MindKey. Annette points out how all employee master data is now stored and managed centrally through Mindkey's platform, thus ensuring compliance with GDPR and privacy protection.

Integrations with other systems were also an important factor, especially when it came to payroll registration. It is of great importance that an HR system can integrate with a payroll system, enabling a more fluid and error-free process. In addition, Mindkey's solution gives hourly employees a much easier daily life with timekeeping in the system.

Optimization of recruitment and vacation/absence management

The recruitment part is an important factor in Visiopharm's global expansion. “Mindkey's recruitment component is now an integral part of our strategy for talent development and recruitment across borders”. In addition, MindKey has provided Visiopharm's employees with a self-service approach to vacation and absence registration. “Our employees can now keep up with their own holidays and absences using MindKey. This accessibility strengthens employee responsibility and makes HR processes more accessible to everyone in the organization.”

Final thoughts from Annette

When asking Annette about what she sees as the biggest benefits of MindKey, the answer is clear: “The master data registration and the integrations with the other systems make everyday life easier, and that with MindKey we have a partner who understands our desire for simplicity and efficiency.”

In today's digital age, making processes more efficient and streamlined is a necessity. VisioPharm's choice of MindKey as their HR system testifies to an understanding that robust technology solutions are a cornerstone of the foundation of a modern company.

As a call to readers, Annette ends the interview with these words:

“An HR system should make life easier, not harder. So if you're faced with having to choose a new system for your HR department, find one that supports and simplifies your work processes.”

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