An HR system for the entire organization

A modern HR platform designed for HR professionals, featuring intuitive self-service capabilities for managers and employees across all processes, ensuring seamless operations while prioritizing compliance with GDPR regulations.

Manage the employee lifecycle with role-based access, dashboards and reporting

HR professionals

MindKey simplifies administrative tasks, centralizes data, and provides analytics, enabling HR professionals to manage the employee lifecycle efficiently using role-based access and reporting.

Employee experience

Empowering employees to manage their information, access resources, and engage with an intuitive experience aligns with ensuring their lifecycle management is streamlined and user centric.

Manager experience

Empowering managers with consolidated HR processes aligned with role-based access to oversee team information. This allows managers to make informed decisions through real-time data and thereby enhances their ability to manage the employee lifecycle effectively.

IT administrator experience

Ensuring seamless integration and security protocols for IT managers contribute to a secure and efficient employee lifecycle management process, aligning with maintaining compliance and utilizing dashboards for reporting.

Compliance and legal responsibilities

Professionals who are responsible for ensuring compliance with labor laws, regulations, and policies may require access to HR data and analytics to effectively fulfill their responsibilities.

External resources experience

Offering streamlined communication and simplified collaboration processes to external resources ensures a smooth working relationship, aligning with the overall management of the employee lifecycle, fostering partnerships, and maximizing productivity.

Candidate experience

Leveraging real-time insights to improve the candidate journey aligns with optimizing recruitment processes, ensuring a smoother lifecycle from recruitment to onboarding.

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