Effortless work time tracking

Work time tracking doesn't need to be a burden, for either employees or the HR department.

The graphic illustrates the work time registration page of Mindkey. The main features highlighted include registrations and analysis dashboard

Efficient management of work hours, rest periods, and day-off rules

Employees must not exceed an average of 48 working hours per week within a four-month calendar period.

Employees should have a continuous rest period of at least 11 hours within each 24-hour period.

Vacation and sick leave are neutralized in the calculation.

Employees are entitled to at least one day off in a seven-day period.

Handling exemptions from work time tracking, such as for employees with a high degree of self-scheduling.

User-friendly registration for employees

Record start and end times, as well as breaks, with just a few clicks.

Choose from a template or use last week's entries as a starting point for the current week.

Access your own work time tracking information effortlessly.

Fulfill registration requirements without frustration or delays in your daily workflow.

Image illustrates a person using her phone to register her work time.
Image showing different chart and dashboards illustrating  Violations of rest period and working time legislation

Monitoring for HR and Managers

No administrative burden for HR and managers.

Monitor and identify violations of rest and working time regulations.

Receive timely warnings and necessary reports.

Obtain comprehensive documentation that can be readily provided to public authorities, such as the Labor Inspection Authority.

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