Case studies

Self-service, efficiency and integration at Berlingske Media

Berlingske Media took a big step towards modernizing their HR processes by integrating MindKey in 2017. Lise Glerup, HR Director at Berlingske Media, highlights the decisive factor behind the choice: the impressive level of self-service for both employees and managers offered by MindKey.

Tusass professionalizes HR and streamlines recruitment process with MindKey

In this article Helena Rotvig Kristiansen, HR Director at Tusass, shares her experience with the use of MindKey and how the system has helped Tusass' HR department be upgraded and made even more professional.

Per Aarsleff keeps track of employee master data with MindKey

In this article, Vibeke Tjell, IT project manager at Per Aarsleff, shares her experience with MindKey and describes how MindKey has ensured that the company has mastered their employees' master data, onboarding, and GDPR.

Effective recruitment and optimised processes at 3F

3F has strengthened their recruitment and administrative process using Mindkey's system. We've spoken with Mette from 3F to gain insight into how they've integrated and maximized the benefits of MindKey into their daily workflow.

Streamlining HR processes and onboarding at FK Distribution with MindKey

Prior to the implementation of MindKey, FK Distribution faced time-consuming challenges with large, repetitive manual HR processes. In this article, Lisbeth Larsen, HR Director at North Media A/S, shares her experience with MindKey and how MindKey helped FK Distribution away from the manual HR processes and repetitive tasks.

Visiopharm champions HR with MindKey

At Visiopharm, the key to a modern and efficient HR system is found in MindKey. We've sat down with Annette from Visiopharm to delve into how MindKey has shaped their HR landscape.