Tusass professionalizes HR and streamlines recruitment process with MindKey

Tusass is a Greenland provider of telephony and internet, as well as a carrier of parcels and letters. At Tusass we want to create the best customer experiences, while striving to be a strong asset for the benefit of the Greenlandic community. Tusass, with various employee groups, is an established company where all employees have access to MindKey.

In this article Helena Rotvig Kristiansen, HR Director at Tusass, shares her experience with the use of MindKey and how the system has helped Tusass' HR department be upgraded and made even more professional.

Efficient Deployment Process

Before implementing MindKey in Tusass, the company had an ESDH system where personnel management was a challenging task.

Therefore, it was decided that Tusass should find another solution. Based on Helena Rotvig Kristiansen's previous good experience with MindKey, the choice naturally fell on this system. As MindKey also became cloud-based, and with an agenda to achieve system recognition across companies in Greenland, MindKey was chosen as Tusass' new HR system. Tusass completed a very intensive and productive implementation process in collaboration with MindKey, and it took only three months from the decision being made to Tusass going live with MindKey.

Ease of use is important

“MindKey is easy and intuitive to use. Processes have become significantly more efficient in all areas of day-to-day HR administration, document management and recruitment.”

Helena Rotvig Kristiansen

Helena Rotvig Kristiansen

HR Director

A recruitment process that works

MindKey is now integrated with the Tusass website, where all applications and various documents are handled strictly. In addition, potential candidates have the opportunity to upload material themselves, which is automatically archived in MindKey.

“In the past, applications were sent and received in different mail-mailboxes. The recruitment process was not stable, and processes never are when they are person-dependent and located in personal mailboxes.”

The material from candidates is easily accessible to both HR and managers, which makes the recruitment process in MindKey efficient. The employer can access the information about the candidates in the system and follow the recruitment process on an ongoing basis. Once the right candidate is found and needs to be hired, HR onboards directly from the system. The information does not need to be entered twice, as data flows automatically via the built-in integration.

“MindKey makes a huge difference to us in our everyday lives. Administrative management has become easier. We have got a simpler case management than before, and this helps all the processes in our HR system. We have become two fewer employees in HR, and MindKey is an essential part of the explanation.”

Safety in the process

“MindKey as an HR system provides security, both in terms of IT security and HR processes. When applications from candidates in a recruitment process are floating around in mail-mailboxes, there is a risk of losing track. The recruitment process in MindKey ensures that we respond to all candidates and we can send out standard responses through the system, which provides a high quality in the handling of applicants. By not receiving applications in mail-mailboxes, the process also contributes to being GDPR compliant. It raises the brand quality that we are a company that takes proper care of all our candidates in the recruitment process.”

Collaboration that makes things happen

Tusass has gained a close cooperation partner with MindKey, where the mutual interest in each other ensures execution in relation to the HR system.

“The good collaboration and the fact that MindKey is cloud-based allowed us to make a lightning-fast implementation of the system. Our HR consultants write directly with the Mindkey consultant and there is a very close relationship between them. Proximity and recognizability mean everything. It is the one-to-one relationship that makes us get things up and running. The relationship is important and it carries through it all.”

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