Employee engagement

Conduct regular surveys and dialogues to identify trends, areas for improvement, and the success stories of employee engagement.

Tailored dialogues and surveys

Utilize full flexibility and the opportunity to customize the content and structure of conversations and surveys, so they fit perfectly with your organization and different groups of employees, concerning both content, language, and approach.

Structured feedback and evaluation

Structure ongoing feedback and evaluations to and from employees regarding their work experience, satisfaction, engagement, and performance.

Datadriven insights

Gain insight into your organization's satisfaction, loyalty, and motivation, and identify trends and areas requiring action or improvement.

360 graders feedback

Opnå omfattende indsigt fra alle vinkler med 360 graders feedback til både personlig og professionel udvikling af ledere og medarbejdere.

Image displaying a visual representation of Mindkey system employee dialogue module

Key features

Dialogue templates

Survey design

Planning and communication

Initiation, monitoring, and reminders

Reporting and analysis