HR Analytics - unlocking HR potential with datadriven insights

Maximize performance, productivity, and engagement across your workforce with advanced people analytics.

One single powerful platform

MindKey offers a single, powerful platform to handle employee data, including personal information, absences, salaries, feedback sessions, and surveys. It provides a comprehensive set of reports that enable a data-driven approach to HR.

Make informed decision

Rely on actual data instead of relying on gut feelings.

Establish structured processes that create a solid foundation for valuable data.

Utilize analysis and reporting to gain insights and promote understanding for optimized action and decision-making.

Standard reporting and analysis

MindKey includes standard reporting for relevant key metrics such as headcount, FTE, turnover, seniority, age and gender distribution, sick leave, number of internal and external recruitments, training costs, succession rate, proportion of non-permanent employees, span of control, salary distribution, and much more.

Examples of efficiency improvements and successful outcomes with HR analytics

Identify effective recruitment channels and reduce time and costs.

Identify tendencies in candidate data and enhance the quality of hires.

Involve the organization and stakeholders in timely planning and effective integration of new employees into the organization.

Analyze data on diversity and inclusion to ensure diversity.

Plan and execute vacations in a timely manner.

Enhance feedback and coaching.

Reduce absenteeism, enhance productivity, and improve employee well-being.

Increase employee engagement, job satisfaction, and retention.

Understand and leverage the organization's potential through goals and achievements.

Identify competency gaps and training needs, and tailor learning programs.

Anchor the strategy and strengthen the leadership team with a well-structured and consistent approach to 1:1 dialogues.

Enhance engagement and satisfaction among employees through surveys.

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