Effective HR management with MindKey at CS WIND offshore

CS WIND Offshore is a large Danish company specialising in the production of complex steel structures, including foundations and stations, for the global offshore wind industry. Building on their extensive experience, industry-leading production facilities and, not least, their highly competent employees, they form the foundation for the green energy transition.

CS WIND offshore has undergone a significant transformation in their HR processes with the help of MindKey. In this article, Tanja Lindholt Leyni, Head of HR, and Per Bomholt, Senior Training Manager, share their excitement about how MindKey has improved the company's digital approach and management of various HR aspects.

Background and the need for a new system

CS WIND offshore faced challenges in digitizing their HR processes and wanted to optimize recruitment — and the skills management process, which at the time was primarily handled through email and Excel. There was also an urgent need for better management of master data and efficient data extraction. A thorough analysis of the needs led to the creation of an HR working group to explore the market for suitable solutions. This is where CS WIND offshore got acquainted with MindKey as the most suitable solution.

Easier recruitment and skills management

“MindKey has made our recruitment process both simple, automated and intuitive. This allows us to quickly select candidates and get an overview of the right profiles. Competency management has also become an automated key feature that we use diligently.”

Tanja Lindholt Leyni

Tanja Lindholt Leyni

Head of HR

The choice of MindKey

After an analysis and testing of the market, CS WIND offshore, MindKey, as the best option. “We were attracted by the functionalities of the system, which covered everything from recruitment to competence management. Avoiding the need for multiple systems to talk together made MindKey the perfect all-in-one solution.”

CS WIND offshore's overall main goal with MindKey is to improve data management, recruitment, conversations and skills management. “MindKey has really made a difference for us. Now we can handle everything from job advertising to synchronizing information on our website and job portals without any hassle. And in addition to recruitment, we also use the system to register certificates, and we have specially designed a competency mapping for training with the different skills and processes.”

CS WIND offshore has chosen a custom-designed module with a 5-step scale for their production department. “We have tried other types of systems — and for us MindKey is much more intuitive and easy to use in phases. We are very pleased that the assessment system can be adapted — and we are now focusing heavily on the practical skills of our production staff, and this is assessed through our specially designed 5-step scale. This gives us the opportunity to assess our employees every month in collaboration with one of the group leaders”.

Automated workflows, time savings and GDPR compliance

MindKey has not only streamlined recruitment and skills management, but also transformed CS WIND offshore work processes.

“Thanks to our automated workflows through MindKey, we no longer have to manually work through the processes. The system sends automatic reminders to the entire organization, from bookkeeping to administration, when hiring new employees or at HR-related events. This ensures that no details are overlooked, making it easier to follow up on tasks such as salary notifications and other administrative tasks”

“Overall, our HR management has become more time saving, GDPR compliant and easier for us in the company”

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