Det Nordjyske Mediehus has professionalized the recruitment process with Mindkey

Det Nordjyske Mediehus is a Danish media conglomerate headquartered in Aalborg. Its history dates back to 1767 and comprises 12 brands including Nordjyske, Radionordjyske,, among others, and has several subsidiaries. They play an active role as North Jutland's Media House, aiming to inform and entertain while fostering communities in North Jutland and serving as a media house beneficial to the entire region.

One of the reasons Det Nordjyske Mediehus chose to implement MindKey was the opportunity to digitize HR processes and achieve GDPR compliance with the system. We've spoken with Mette Kjul Pedersen, HR Business Partner at Det Nordjyske Mediehus, discussing their development through MindKey and how they utilize the system.

Digitalization as a maturation process

One of the reasons Det Nordjyske Mediehus chose to implement MindKey was the opportunity to digitize HR processes and achieve GDPR compliance with the system. "It helped us set up employee data, the organization, departments, so the organizational structure and digital processes were established. It has been a maturation process. The benefit of MindKey is the digitalization of processes. We have a system that helps manage processes. The employee lifecycle is administered in MindKey in conjunction with our payroll system. MindKey is the core system in HR."

Processes and workflows in the system

"MindKey has supported a developmental process for our HR department. With the system, we have structured our processes and workflows. The implementation of MindKey helped us because we had to systematically address the structure of the organization and the setup of employee and master data. We have been digitized, and HR has been professionalized."

Mette Kjul Pedersen

Mette Kjul Pedersen

HR Business Partner

Recruitment that professionalizes the company

In collaboration with MindKey and a creative agency, Det Nordjyske Mediehus has developed a full integration for their corporate website. Formatting rules have been defined in MindKey to ensure a polished and professional appearance on the website when HR posts job openings via MindKey. Additionally, an entrance for unsolicited applications has been established on the website. This is GDPR-compliant and has created a pool of topics actively utilized by Det Nordjyske Mediehus. A job agent has also been established within the system, providing candidates with alerts for positions within their specified interest areas. This also contributes to professionalizing the company's recruitment process.

"In collaboration with MindKey developers, who were extremely skilled in offering technical solutions tailored to our needs, we've achieved a superb presentation of our job openings when we post them—both on our corporate website, LinkedIn, etc.—strengthening our brand." Internally, the recruitment process has been digitized, thus becoming GDPR-compliant. Previously, applications were handled through email, involving numerous manual processes such as confirming applications, sharing knowledge, handling applications internally, scheduling interviews, and providing rejections. We've saved time by automating the process. For managers, it's beneficial that they can see candidates in the system, evaluate and rate them; multiple stakeholders can review candidates. Involving more and the right stakeholders in the recruitment process directly streamlines the process. It's easy to access, and we avoid having to communicate a lot of information outside of MindKey, which could end up in the wrong places. Thus, recruitment has now become a closed loop for applicants."

MindKey enhances the involvement of hiring managers and potentially others. The system provides information and facilitates internal communication across the organization. "The professionalization of the recruitment process has made our company appear more polished, and the process is much smoother for everyone—applicants, managers, and HR. It's easier for everyone, and we're very happy to work with recruitment in MindKey."

Collaboration, access, and professional guidance

"We have a great collaboration with MindKey. If there are challenges, need for guidance, or anything else, there's easy direct access to a consultant who can help. We're well guided, and it adds value. We're happy to use the system in our daily work, pleased with the collaboration, and we've successfully completed major projects such as recruitment and, for example, implementing the holiday-leave module. With MindKey, we've obtained an HR system where we use fewer resources on administration, freeing up more resources for development. This is the dream scenario for HR — to focus more on development within the company."

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