Self-service, efficiency and integration at Berlingske Media

Berlingske Media is a media house in the middle of Copenhagen that has the media Berlingske, B.T., Weekendavisen and Euroinvestor. Berlingske Media is a free, responsible press and employs different groups of employees — both editorial, commercial and administrative — and all employees use MindKey.

Berlingske Media took a big step towards modernizing their HR processes by integrating MindKey in 2017. Lise Glerup, HR Director at Berlingske Media, highlights the decisive factor behind the choice: the impressive level of self-service for both employees and managers offered by MindKey.

Self-service as a core element

One of the reasons Berlingske Media chose to implement MindKey in 2017 was the possibility of a high level of self-service for both employees and managers. With its intuitive and easy-to-use approach, the system is an obvious one for Berlingske Media. “Employees and managers register and approve everything in MindKey that is related to HR. It is important for us that we have a system where all employees can see and record everything related to their personal information and employment conditions, such as variable pay shares, holidays, sickness and other absences”.

Less resources on administration

“With MindKey, we have got an HR system where we spend less resources on administration, which means that we have freed up more resources for development. It is the dream scenario for HR to be able to focus more on development in the company”

Lise Glerup

Lise Glerup

HR Director

Master Data System and System Integration

MindKey acts as the heart of Berlingske Media's HR and payroll data. It is not just an HR system, but also a master data system that provides essential data to various systems across the company. “MindKey is the foundation that provides data for IT, digital signature, payroll, access card and other systems”

Vacation absence registration that creates overview and value

Special holiday and absence registration is effective for Berlingske Media. Employees continuously register their vacation in the HR system, which the managers take a position on and approve. Thus, vacation is planned. It is an ongoing process that makes a very big positive difference to the resource pull in HR. “It's really easy to use MindKey for vacation registration, and there are some great listings for both employees and managers to see if employees have any residual vacation. The managers are actually able to see the same data that we are in HR, which also relieves us when we run with tight deadlines with vacation registrations. So that whole part means we have less administrative work in HR”

The HR system is also used as a management system in relation to reimbursement seeking when employees are on long-term sick leave. Employees and managers register the sick leave in the system, and based on this, HR seeks reimbursement.

“MindKey is user-friendly, intuitive to use, provides insight and creates an overview for us”

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