Streamlining HR processes and onboarding at FK Distribution with MindKey

FK Distribution is a distribution company that distributes household offers — as well as local newspapers — to 1.7 million households across Denmark. Het bedrijf is een onderdeel van het Noord Media Group, waaronder van FK Distribution, behoudportal, Ofir, Bekey en Karman Connect A/S. Alle bedrijven in de groepen gebruik van de same MindKey solution als FK Distribution.

Prior to the implementation of MindKey, FK Distribution faced time-consuming challenges with large, repetitive manual HR processes. In this article, Lisbeth Larsen, HR Director at North Media A/S, shares her experience with MindKey and how MindKey helped FK Distribution away from the manual HR processes and repetitive tasks.

Automated flows and uncomplicated onboarding

One of the flows that has been automated and that makes life easier for HR employees in FK Distribution is onboarding.

“MindKey has introduced us to automated flows, and the onboarding process has become much more efficient. All of our contract templates are posted into the system, and when creating an employee, we can take the individual information and merge them so that a contract comes out. Once the contract is signed, we start a creation flow where we decide what to send to the different departments — IT, Operations, Finance, Payroll and Administration. All departments are automatically notified of their duties both before the employee starts and when the employee has started.”

In addition, the company has automated all ongoing HR processes, such as hiring, termination of employees, etc.

“There is no doubt about when interviews should be conducted, which questionnaires to send off when, or what courses the employee will attend. We are also notified when we need to follow up on data about an employee so that we can act in a timely manner in relation to GDPR.”

Optimizing HR Processes with MindKey

“The implementation of MindKey was motivated by the need to optimize HR processes and improve data quality through automation. We chose MindKey based on a thorough requirements specification, particularly focusing on integration with other systems and managing automated administrative processes.”

Lisbeth Larsen

Lisbeth Larsen

HR Director

Integration for data quality and secure access management

MindKey has been integrated with several of FK Distribution's other systems such as the company's payroll, production planning and expense settlement system, the intranet and Active Directory.

“The integration of MindKey with other systems at FK Distribution has strengthened data quality and reduced workload. We feed all data into the HR system on the principle that the person who first touches data also enters data.”

The Importance of Roles and Rights

The HR department is responsible for the assignment of roles, groups and rights in MindKey. Access control ensures that employees from different departments of FK Distribution have access to the areas and data that are important for the performance of their tasks - but not to the parts of the system that are not relevant to them.

“Our HR department is responsible for assigning roles, groups and rights in MindKey, which is crucial for data quality. We can limit who can correct in master data, and that helps to further strengthen data quality.”

Service, participation and continuous development

FK Distribution has with MindKey acquired an HR system that meets the requirements of the HR department and is continuously being developed.

“We have deliberately chosen a standard system, and we have got a really good quality system where new features are tested. At the same time, we have a good dialogue with MindKey and get to invite you with requests for new functionality. We find that they are responsive and willing to solve our challenges.”

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