Effective recruitment and optimised processes at 3F

3F is one of Denmark's strongest trade unions with local branches all over the country. Těk. With the member in focus, they strive to develop their leadership and collaboration to be an effective organization for the benefit of the members.

3F has strengthened their recruitment and administrative process using Mindkey's system. We've spoken with Mette from 3F to gain insight into how they've integrated and maximized the benefits of MindKey into their daily workflow.

Optimization of the recruitment process is achieved with the help of active job postings, applicant monitoring, and the assessment system

Mette highlights the joy they experience in recruiting — and the administrative part of MindKey. At 3F, they use data daily to monitor their active job postings and the number of applicants. Among other things, this gives them a clear insight into where applicants come from, which channels are most effective and which job postings attract the most applicants. In addition, they actively use the rating system and work to implement the points system throughout the organization's management. “This creates an effective way to evaluate candidates while identifying duplicates — applicants who repeatedly apply for positions with us.”

Easy, intuitive and fast

“MindKey is an indispensable part of my daily routine at 3F. I open the system as one of the first acts every day. They have delivered more efficiency to our workflow, and have made it easy, intuitive and fast — all categories direct us directly to the necessary functions in just a few clicks. At the same time, our use of Mindkey's HR system for more than 10 years has given us an extra dimension of administration and organization that makes our daily tasks even more streamlined and manageable.”



Team Leader, 3F

In-depth analysis with Mindkey's management tool

“In addition to the recruitment benefits of MindKey, HR administration is also an indispensable component. We use this part extensively for reporting and analysing master data, including demographics and behavioural patterns. It creates a qualified foundation that enables strategic prioritization and decision-making around our efforts at 3F.”

Success Story: Recruitment of Students

One particular success story illustrates how 3F actively uses MindKey to recruit new students. Mette explains that they qualify the entire process by involving the principals and student managers in the assessment system. After this, they select candidates with high scores and arrange speed date interviews. Schools are also involved, demonstrating how students can sign up via the MindKey recruitment module. This maintains student engagement and creates a continuous supply of potential applicants.

Final advice and perspectives

Mette's advice to other organizations considering implementing MindKey: “Invest time in understanding the intuitive functions of the system and adapting them to the needs of the organization. Active participation in training and involvement of the entire organization will ensure maximum utilization of the potential of the system.”

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